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Proven Results with NewportCare spine surgery

We know that not all spine surgeons are the same. Every spine procedure has different outcomes and complications based on who does the procedure. In order to determine which physicians have the least complication rates requires one to measure incident or measure the number of times a compilation occurs.

The ultimate goals of spine surgery are to improve patient’s quality of life, restore function and reduce pain with the least amount of complications. Traditional clinical based evaluation does not adequately address these factors. Outcome measures provide objective information to evaluate the performance of a surgeon and/or treatment plan. This data is further used to improve surgical procedures in order to obtain the highest rated outcome.

The Spine Center at NewportCare measures all surgical outcomes for complications and improved outcomes. First, it allows us to quickly identify any issues that are leading to complications. Second, once identified, we have the ability to correct the problem. Lastly, this will lead to better results.

We are one of the very few Medical Groups in the country that measures outcomes and results.

In 2017, we evaluated all the spine procedures performed by NewportCare physicians. We found that our average was well below the national average in all categories of spinal complications. Our data is provided for all spinal procedures performed in 2017.

Light blue is the national average complication rate. The darker blue is the NewportCare average complication rate. As you can see, our compilation rate is significantly less than that of the nation.

So what does all this data and charts mean to you as the patient?

It means that with NewportCare physicians and surgeons, your chances of having a successful result is exceptionally high. The main reason for this is that we have exceptional surgeons, we utilize proven procedures and we are constantly improving our procedure to assure the best results.

NewportCare physicians and surgeons use this information to improve on techniques, utilize newer and safer technologies, and remain conscious to avoid complications.

Less complications means faster recovery with better results.

Less complications means faster recovery with better results

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