Medical Assistant
April April

Hi, My name is April. I work here at Newport Care Medical Group as a Back Office Medical Assistant. I have always been passionate when it comes to the medical field, I cant see myself working anywhere else that doesn’t involve me taking care of people and their wellness, whether it would be newborns, teens or elderly patients. Seeing my patients come back with improvements in their health and a smile on their face is what makes my day better.

My passion came from my mom, whom also was a nurse at Long Beach Memorial. When I was a child my mom would always take me to work with her to visit all the rehab patients that she took care of and I would roll with my little shopping cart full of Barbie dolls and books to show the patients and pretended to read to them and I noticed that I would make their day because of how big their smile would be and from then on that’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and that is to help people and making sure they leave with a smile on their faces.

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